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            Customer source and demand survey
            发表时间:2019-08-24  阅读次数:0   

            Take this quick survey to get some personalized goodies and your downloadable version of Customer Journey Mapping and Personas cards.

            1、How familiar are you with customer journey mapping?
            We'll offer you helpful materials based on your answer

            2、What brings you to UXPressia?
            We'd like to learn more about you to bring more value through UXPressia. Select the statement that describes your story the best and we'll offer something useful based on that.
            A、I'm preparing a board presentation or a report to show to the stakeholders.
            B、I need to process research data to see the patterns and eventually make valuable changes in our product or organization
            C、I want the whole team to be on the same page and arrange a customer journey mapping workshop. I expect it to influence our product roadmap.
            D、I have conducted user research and need to create comprehensible maps/personas to share with others.
            E、I'm designing an omni-channel marketing campaign.
            F、I'm trying to win a new project and pitch my ideas to the client.

            3、On a scale from 1 to 5, how well does the above description cover what you really do? *
            ...where 1 means the description is completely irrelevant to your activities and 5 is exactly why you are looking for a customer journey mapping software.

            4 Would you like to add any details to that description? *
            You answer will help us tailor UXPressia to meet your needs better.

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